Welcome to the "official" Avon-by-the-Sea website. The Board of Commissioners hope that you find it not only useful but also informative, helping to make our community more communicative and our government more open. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome and can be forwarded to the Borough office via e-mail at avonboro@avonbytheseanj.com.
The website is a work in progress and will need continual updating. Comments or questions relating to:
Public Works, Parks and Public Property to Mayor John Magrini
Public Affairs & Public Safety to Commissioner Frank Gorman
Revenue and Finance should be directed to Commissioner Bob Mahon.

The citizens of Avon-by-the-Sea are very proud of our community which is made up not only of its citizenry but also includes our police force, public works employees, volunteer fire and first aid members, our beautiful beach, lake, river, pool, Library and Grammar school. Enjoy, and please don't hesitate to respond with your thoughts.

Thank you.

Special thanks to all of those responsible for making this website a success.
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