Office of Emergency Management
301 Main Street
Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ 07717
Ken Child, Coordinator: 732-502-4510, 732-988-4008
Chief Terry Mahon, Deputy Coordinator: 732-502-4500
  Important Information:
Click here for details on the Notice of Hazard Mitigation Plan Release
The Avon-By-The-Sea Office of Emergency Management manages the Emergency Notification System that allows the Borough to notify residents of issues that may impact the community, or of impending storms. Residents are encouraged to register for the system by logging into: and providing your contact information including home and cell phone numbers to ensure that you are informed of important information.
Another project we are working on through the County OEM and NJ State Police is called Register Ready. This is an on-line tracking system that allows our residents to register with the State Police if they may need assistance with evacuating during storms or other emergencies. This program is computer-based and allows the local OEM to print out a list of our residents that may need assistance. Click here for details about the program.
The Avon-By-The-Sea Office of Emergency Management is always available to answer your questions or concerns regarding emergency preparedness for both the Borough and your family. We are also looking for residents who may be interested in volunteering their time or expertise during an emergency. Help can always be used to staff an emergency shelter if residents must be evacuated, to answer the phones and assist with the communication with our residents and emergency response agencies during emergencies. If you think you have a talent that may be of value or simply wish to offer your help or ask a question, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Emergency Management and we will be glad to discuss your concerns.
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