Avon Borough Administrative Office
301 Main Street
Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ 07717
Office- 732-502-4510/ Fax- 732-774-0605
E-Mail: avonboro@avonbytheseanj.com
Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Kerry McGuigan, Administrator
Marc Freda, Borough Clerk
Michele Darling, RMC/CMR, Deputy Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics
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Town Meetings
Marriage License Application/Vital Rec. Info
Certified Copies of Vital Records
Dog & Cat Licenses
Open Public Records Act Request Form
Employment Applications
Emergency Notification System
Town Meetings:
Town meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. Caucus meetings begin at 7:00 pm. Town meetings will be held at the Avon Marina.
View the Calendar of Events for additional information.
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Marriage License Application / Vital Records Info:
Click on the State web site below for details on applying for a marriage license. An APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED at the Avon Borough office. 732-502-4510.
Click here for the New Jersey Dept. of Health and Senior Services website.
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Certified Copies of Vital Records:
To obtain a copy of a vital record, the event must have occurred in the Borough of Avon. For an application for a vital record to be processed, please complete the application and return it with the following: 1) Copy of photo ID showing address, or photo ID without address and one ID with address, or 2 alternate forms of ID with address (must be same address on both ID’s). Please note that the certified copies will only be mailed to the address shown on the identification, 2) If you are not an immediate relative of the person(s), i.e. spouse, parent, child, grandchild, sibling, named on the vital record, you must provide a copy of the document appointing you as the legal guardian or legal representative or a copy of a Court Order or Subpoena. 3) A check made out to the Borough of Avon. Copies are $4.00 each. There must be an original signature on the application, so it will have to be mailed or brought to the office in person. Faxed or e-mailed copies will not be accepted.
Click here for an application form.
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Dog/Cat Licenses:
Proof of current rabies vaccination is MANDATORY. If the rabies vaccination expires prior to November 1st, a new one must be obtained before licenses can be issued. The fee is $13.20 for spayed/neutered dogs and $16.20 for dogs not spayed/neutered. You may renew the license in person in the Borough office or by mail. It is also required to license cats. Their rabies vaccination must be up to date. The fee is $3.00 for spayed/neutered cats and $5.00 for cats not spayed/neutered.
Dog / Cat Licenses are required and are renewable in January.
Click here for a dog/cat license application.
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Open Public Records Act Request Form:
For the application to access public records click here.
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Employment Applications:
Applications for Employment with the Borough of Avon are available in the borough office, or click here to print out an application. Applications may be dropped off at the office or mailed. Applications for summer employment are accepted year round.
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Emergency Notification System:
This system has a feature that allows residents to logon and add themselves to the system via their own computer!
It allows people to add up to three phone numbers and two email addresses. You can add your phone numbers and addresses even if you think you are already listed, as the system recognizes duplications.
Click here to register.
Please note that you will need to 'agree' to the terms and conditions before continuing your registration.
*Be aware we can no longer refer to the system in print as "Reverse 911" this is a copyrighted name and belongs to another division of the same company.
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2008 Municipal Data Sheet.
2009 Municipal Data Sheet.
2010 Municipal Data Sheet.
2011 Municipal Data Sheet.
2012 Municipal Data Sheet.
2013 Municipal Data Sheet.
2014 Municipal Data Sheet.
2015 Municipal Data Sheet.
2016 Municipal Data Sheet.
2017 Municipal Data Sheet.
2018 Municipal Data Sheet.
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