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Gardens of Avon-by-the-Sea
Contact Info:
The club generally meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Avon Firehouse (please see calendar for schedule and exceptions).
About Us:
Gardens of Avon-by-the-Sea, affiliated with the National Garden Clubs and The Garden Club of New Jersey, offers area residents educational and networking opportunities to promote both the love of gardening and civic and environmental responsibility.
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Annual dues are $25.00
Ongoing Projects:
As a working garden club; members share
  their time and talent to help beautify our
  community, planting and maintaining the
  colorful container gardens that grace Main
  Street and the beachfront throughout the
  summer as well as the seasonal
  arrangements on Main Street.
Our spring walkathon generates the
  financial support for this activity, and
  Gardens of Avon-by-the-Sea is very
  grateful to the Avon residents and visitors
  who respond so generously to our annual
Members participate in purchasing,
  donating, and distributing gifts and
  foodstuffs to local charities at holidays.
The club celebrates National Garden Week
  by presenting plants to the Avon School.
Through our garden therapy program,
  club members visit a local assisted living
  facility each month, providing residents
  with flower arranging materials and
The club donates gardening and
  conservation materials to the public and
  school libraries.
Guest speakers and hands-on activities
  promote the knowledge and skills of our
  members in the areas of plant selection,
  optimum plant choices for our area, and
  floral design.
The club supports the Garden Club of New
  Jersey’s Operation Wildflower/Plant
  Natives initiative to help restore New
  Jersey’s diminishing store of native plants.  
For more information about
native plants click here or here.
To find local sources of native plants click here.
2009 Officers:
Co-Presidents: Barbara DePalma, Susan Annitto
Treasurer: Grace Wallace
Corresponding Secretary: Charlotte Kirk
Recording Secretary: Maureen Lake
  Upcoming Events:
No meeting
No meeting
March 10th
Organizational meeting
April 21st
Summer Planning Meeting
May 19th
Bringing the Garden Indoors: Creative arrangements using
flowers and foliage from our
own spring and summer gardens
June 16th
Container Farming:
Vegetables, herbs, and edible
flowers for pots and baskets to
fill our summer salad bowls
July 11th
Boardwalk Craft Fair
July (TBD)
Summer Social
August 18th
Fall Planting for Spring Bloom:
Tips for selecting, planting, and
cultivating bulbs and perennials
September 15th
Harvest Pot Luck Dinner
October 20th
Plants for Winter Interest:
Trees, shrubs, and herbaceous
plants to brighten our gardens
with colorful berries, bark, and
foliage from late fall through spring
November 17th
Hand-on project:
Create Thanksgiving Arrangements
(to be donated to a local nursing home)
December (TBD)
Holiday Dinner
2009 Members:
Genevieve Barbur, Mary Bradley, Pat Burns, Maureen Busch, Frances Byrne, Helen Clohosey, Jacky Cloud, Eileen Corbran, Laura Davey, Barbara DeLuca, Lorraine Ernst, Marjorie Ferguson, Vade Hanlon, Joan Hradil, Marie Kenny, Helen Kilcooley, Sylvia King, Marilyn Kogan, Janet Kreuger, Joan Kuver, Dorothy Lurch, Eileen Mahon, Mari McDevitt, Mary Jo McDonough, Margaret McGovern, Peg McGovern, Dorothee McKenna, Kathy O’Neill, Cindy Osborne, Marilyn Placitella, Susan Shannon, Jeanne Spiotta, Lee Stokes, Dolly Stolgitis, Joan Tarantin, Nora Taylor, Grace Wallace, Joan Zipf
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